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                                                      Operator Column

                 16. Probe into the Commercial Problem of Operators’ 5G Deployment
                                                                                                  Q.Yue, X.L.Yang
                 18. Optimization and Application of Operators’ DNS Mass Data Analysis Technology
                                                                                    W.Peng, X.D.He, X.M.Lu, C.X.Ji

                 29. UL and IWCS China 2018 Cable & Connectivity Symposium

                                                  Optical Communication

                 33. Research on Heterogeneous Wireless Network and Cloud Architecture in 5G Network
                                                                                       C.L.Dong, L.Wang, H.Zhang
                 35. A High-speed Optical Fiber Acousto-optic Modulator
                                                                              D.G.Wang, Z.C.Wu, X.X.Wang and etc.


                 46. Discussions on Problems and Countermeasures in Optical Fiber Communication Transmission
                 48. NB-IoT Opens up a New Journey of Intelligent Energy Digital Management
                 51. Key Techniques of LTE/5G Dual Connection
                                                                                    Z.J.Liao, Z.T.Li, S.L.Shi, Y.Q.Cao
                                                       Special Report
                 65. Hengtong: Insist on Independent Innovation to Help Communication Interconnection and Energy
                 67. Zhong Sheng, Engineer of YOFC, Won the Honorary Title of "Information and Communication Industry
                 67. Fiberhome Announces 5G Era Telecom Cloud Solution in China SDN/NFV Conference
                 68. Hengtong, Huawei, Wujiang Hand-in-Hand Create a Joint Innovation Center!

                 72.                                                                    Industry News
                 80.                                 Advertisement Index & Exhibition Notice

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